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(Rhythm Records) 26 rare tracks! - Rhythm Records had a history of producing great San Francisco blues in the post war era. In 1957, Don Barksdale, a former NBA basketball star and prominent disc jockey for San Francisco Bay Area radio station KWBR, decided to start a record label. Rather than start from scratch, he bought the Rhythm Label from Bob Geddins. This marked the beginning of our Rhythm Records vocal group story. Don Barksdale signed a couple of prominent blues artists, and brought together several fine Bay Area vocal groups. His first release, ´´A Few Little Words´´ by Sugar Pie (DeSantos) and Pee Wee (Parham), created enough local interest that the Mesner Brothers leased this single for their Aladdin label. A fine beginning for a new company, but a similar path taken by Bob Geddins. (Produce a great record, then lease it to another label with national marketing and distribution networks). During the three years from 1957-1959, Barksdale issued 32 records on the RHYTHM, JODY, and VORTEX labels. Without a distribution network, his records were hand carried to a few local record stores, making RHYTHM RECORDS very hard to get even at the time of release.

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